RCSI Bahrain Fosters Global Alumni Network with Events in Kuwait City and New York

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RCSI Medical University of Bahrain hosted Alumni events emphasising the institution's commitment to fostering a strong and engaged global alumni community. Organised by the Careers & Alumni Office, the events held in February in Kuwait City and May in New York, USA, welcomed alumni practising in three of the top destinations for our graduates. The events provided opportunities for alumni to reconnect with the University’s faculty and personnel, network with fellow graduates and celebrate their collective achievements. They also served as a platform for announcing the Alumni Ambassador programme, which aims to foster the creation of mutually beneficial initiatives for the community and create a close-knit network with the Alumni residing in close proximity.

During the events, Mr Stephen Harrison-Mirfield, Managing Director at RCSI Medical University of Bahrain, led the celebration of the RCSI Medical University of Bahrain's 20th Anniversary and announced the campus expansion plans and upcoming University initiatives.

The outstanding match rates for residency programmes of the latest medical cohorts were also announced, with 39 alumni matching in the US and Canada this year, adding up to more than 330 alumni currently working and residing there. 

While the majority of graduates enter the UK Foundation Programme, benefitting from the exemption from the PLAB exam, granted by the UK General Medical Council, or opt to practice in Bahrain, Kuwait; making these countries the top five destinations for RCSI Medical University of Bahrain’s alumni.

Mr Harrison-Mirfield commented, "We are very proud of our network of Alumni, who have made an impactful contribution to the delivery of healthcare services and patient care globally. For two decades, our Alumni have been instrumental in shaping our institution's journey and international outlook, and we are hugely grateful to them. By supporting their professional development and strengthening our Alumni network, we cultivate the legacy of our global Alumni network for the benefit of current students, future students and the University”. 

Guest speakers from RCSI’s global network were invited to attend the events to share their professional experiences and guidance. 
The Kuwait reception was attended by Dr Mohammad Albanna, Division Chief of Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery and Consultant Minimal Invasive & Robotic Cardiac Surgeon at Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Hospital, Kuwait, who also delivered the keynote speech and Dr Abdullah Rajab, Consultant Pediatric Surgeon and Head of Postgraduate Education Office at the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialisations (KIMS) by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

While in the New York reception, the keynote speech was delivered by Dr Graham McMahon, President & Chief Executive Officer of Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Adjunct Professor of Medicine & Medical Education at Northwestern University, USA and an RCSI in Dublin graduate. The event hosted notable guests: Professor Susan Moffatt-Bruce, President of Lahey Hospital & Medical Centre (LHMC) and Dr Wael Al-Husami, Medical Director of International Health & International Medical Education at LHMC.

The RCSI Medical University of Bahrain Alumni network now consists of more than 3,000 graduates working in 39 countries around the world, who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in healthcare worldwide.