RCSI Medical University of Bahrain Celebrates Contributions of Nine Academics to Medical Textbooks

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The President of RCSI Medical University of Bahrain, Professor Sameer Otoom, congratulated several senior University academics who have contributed to medical textbooks issued by reputable international publishers. Nine senior academics presented signed copies of five books for donation to the University's Library & Learning Resource Centre.

Intending to reduce common paediatric clinical errors and delayed diagnoses, "Safe Care in Paediatrics", whose authors include Professor Alfred Nicholson, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of School of Medicine, and Professor Kevin Dunne, Professor and Head of Department of Paediatrics, promotes the quality and safe care of children through shared first-hand experiences. 

"Essential Paediatric Surgery", a practical textbook encompassing the full range of clinical conditions within paediatric surgery, was co-authored by Professor Martin Corbally, Professor and Head of Department of Surgery. While "The Biology of Disease" which provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of the disease process was co-edited by Professor Paul Murray, Professor and Head of Department of Pathology.

The publication titled "Healthcare in the Arabian Gulf and Greater Middle East" whose contributors include Professor Alexandra Butler, Professor in Pathology; Dr Eman Tawash, Deputy Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery; Professor Ghufran Jassim, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Family Medicine; Professor Stephen Atkin, Head of School of Postgraduate Studies and Research; and Dr Wendy Maddison, Head of Student Development & Well-being, provides a comprehensive overview of healthcare in the Middle East region.

"Foundations of Health Professions Education Research", whose contributors include Professor Ghufran Jassim, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Family Medicine, provides a broad-based and accessible introduction to the foundations of Health Professions Education Research (HPER). Professor David Misselbrook, former Associate Professor of Family Medicine, who authored "Thinking about Medicine", an introduction to the philosophy of medicine, was acknowledged in absentia. 

Professor Sameer Otoom congratulated the academics and commented: "RCSI Medical University of Bahrain extends its gratitude for your outstanding scholarly contributions. As a leading medical and health sciences University in the region, our community of professional colleagues and faculty achievements undoubtedly reflect the leadership, knowledge and guidance our students receive to help transform them into future healthcare leaders. Your dedication to supporting global healthcare education and services is exemplary and inspiring."

As a University, we are committed to advancing healthcare in Bahrain and beyond, and our deep professional responsibility to fulfil society's need to advance the health and well-being of communities is embedded in all that we do.