Postgraduate Diploma / MSc In Intensive Care Nursing (adult)

School of Postgraduate Studies and Research

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Postgraduate Diploma in Intensive Care Nursing - Structure

Module 1 – Reflection on Practice: using a model of reflective practice, students are required to reflect on critical incidents from the relevant area of practice. The application to clinical practice may well be critiqued. Students are required to explore the application of the core concepts of specialist and advance practice to the applicable clinical practice. It also aims to explore the factors and challenges that affect nursing practice which may reflect on the quality of care provided to the patients.

Module 2 - Intensive Care nursing I: this module focuses on enabling students to perform a comprehensive health assessment and prioritise, implement and evaluate appropriate nursing care in the intensive care setting.

Module 3 – Leadership, clinical and professional: this module provides the opportunity to explore leadership in nursing from different perspectives and encourage the student to examine the importance of leadership in influencing and shaping nursing practice.

Module 4 – Intensive care Nursing II: this module provides the opportunity to develop and evaluate specialist skills, critique the role, examine contextual issues, review current evidence- based research in depth enabling evaluation and synthesis in practice.

Module 5 – Advanced Research Methods: this module provides students with the ability to enhance clinical scholarship. This will occur through students being exposed to higher level knowledge and thinking about the concept of clinical scholarship plus the research methodologies and methods needed to make it a reality.

Module 6 – Intensive Care Nursing III: this module is grounded in a body of excellence and aims to advance the students’ understanding of the theory which underpins practice by critically exploring and evaluating the biological, sociological and ethical issues pertaining to the intensive care setting.

Module 7 – Clinical Practicum: over the course of the practicum, students will develop proficiency in reflection and apply theory to practice with a growing awareness of professional and organisational values, principles and structures. On completion of the clinical practicum, students will demonstrate leadership, insightfulness and a critical reflective stance to practice with sound judgements and an ability to think creatively to address wider issues relevant to service and organisational needs.

MSc in Intensive Care Nursing - Structure

Module 8 – Capstone Research Dissertation: This module further enhances the students’ understanding of the research process. In doing so, the student will be able to critically evaluate research using a systematic review approach, thereby generating evidence for practice that is based on the most relevant published data.