Research Clusters

In 2016, as part of its research development strategy, RCSI Bahrain created four research clusters as shown below with their respective leads:

  • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine (Dr Ebrahim Rajab)
  • Oncology (Dr Ghufran Jassim)
  • Healthcare Professions Education (Prof Fiza Rashid Doubell)
  • Biosciences (Prof Fryad Henari).

The clusters are based on the needs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the research strengths within the University. Each cluster offers opportunities for population health studies, including preventive medicine and public health. Therefore, the research conducted consists of the full range of bench to bedside and community medicine, and is multi-professional and interdisciplinary.

The purpose of the research clusters is to encourage scientists with a common interest to collaborate with each other and create functional teams which can translate into taking individual and team-based research forward as well as exploring new areas leading to high-quality outcomes.

This can help with the development of other educational activities such as symposia and student summer research projects and inter-professional working.

The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of the patients and support the medical research development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The clusters - not restricted to RCSI Bahrain staff - facilitate opportunities to develop relationships with other universities, government and private hospitals and the industry as a whole. Our desire at RCSI Bahrain is to support our researchers, as well as raise the profile of the University through research grants and publications and the research clusters are an important pathway of taking this forward.