Research focus

In line with RCSI Bahrain’s mission statement, the School of Postgraduate Studies seeks to support and carry out world-class biomedical research and to integrate basic and clinical research so that advances in medical science are translated as quickly as possible into patient treatments.

To train postgraduate scientists and clinicians for internationally, competitive careers in basic and clinical research.

We have aligned our primary research focus to the national health priorities in areas where we can be internationally competitive. Type 2 diabetes with its accompanying morbidity and mortality affects over 20% of the Bahraini population and is increasingly affecting younger individuals. As a result, our major research focus is on diabetes and cardiometabolic disease that encompasses obesity, with the implementation of translational research in that area harnessing both basic and clinical research. A second focus, in view of the high incidence of breast cancer, is on cancer research in collaboration with the Bahrain Oncology Centre at King Hamad Hospital.

To implement this translational research, state of the art laboratories for basic biomedical research have been established. These are linked to the development of a clinical trials unit that is equipped to undertake national clinical trials with full compliance to international standards. These facilities contribute to the summer research studentships for RCSI students under the mentorship of Dr Edwina Brennan and RCSI faculty.

The new clinical trials research unit is based in the King Hamad University Hospital within the Bahrain Oncology Centre.