Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics

The Department of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics (MCT) is focused on delivering world-class teaching and research with a focus on studying the fundamental mechanisms of disease to allow translation into novel therapies and diagnostics, for the benefit of human health.

We deliver biochemistry, pharmacology, therapeutics and immunology across a range of RCSI’s flagship Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching programmes; our aim is to equip our students with the tools and knowledge so they can become innovators and leaders in their individual specialities.

We have developed a fully-integrated approach to both teaching and research, which we believe reflects the changes in medical practice. Our approach aims to encourage reflective practices in all our graduates, in a manner that promotes continuous professional development and ensures quality patient care at every level.

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At Undergraduate level, department staff are involved in the teaching and examining of biochemistry, molecular medicine, immunology, pharmacology and therapeutics in modules across the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Cycles of both the Undergraduate and Graduate Entry Medicine programmes, the Physician Associate programme, as well as contributing to teaching in the Pharmacy and Physiotherapy programmes.

The department is also strongly committed to postgraduate education. We contribute to taught programmes in the School of Nursing & Midwifery and School of Postgraduate Studies along with significant supervision, mentoring, teaching and examining across postgraduate research programmes, including RCSI’s respected Masters and Doctoral (MD and PhD) programmes.

An important aspect of precision medicine is equipping our medical students with the tools and knowledge by which they can become innovators and leaders in their specialties. As part of our teaching, we outline to our students the importance of understanding the molecular basis of disease in order to diagnose better and treat patients. Our leading researchers integrate up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge into their teaching, and demonstrate a strong commitment to research at Undergraduate level, providing medical and pharmacy students with innovative research projects undertaken as part of their degree programmes.

Furthermore, we actively contribute research projects for undergraduate students through the Research Summer School and the RCSI International StAR Summer Internship programme. Through the integration of research and education, we will encourage future healthcare professionals to be lifelong learners with the capacity to evolve and adapt to changes within their respective fields.

Research in MCT focuses on understanding the molecular basis of disease to develop and apply our findings to the identification of biomarkers and drug targets. We aim to improve our understanding of disease, facilitating diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

We are leading therapeutic and biomarker discovery in the areas of autoimmune and inflammatory disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, infection, platelet biology and neurological and psychiatric disease. We also have close ties with several clinical facilities throughout Ireland, including the Clinical Research Centre at Smurfit Building in Beaumont Hospital, RCSI teaching hospitals and both national and international centres.

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  • John Waddington

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