About RCSI

Our Mission: To Educate, Nurture and Discover, for the Benefit of Human Health

Our ultimate purpose is to work in service of patients. Our College was founded by Royal Charter on 11 February 1784, to set and support professional standards for surgical training and practice in Ireland. This noble surgical heritage continues to shape our approach to education, research and service. At its very essence, surgery is the most exacting of disciplines, demanding professionalism, precision, skill and expertise at the highest level.

Today, we are an innovative, world-leading international health sciences education and research institution with Undergraduate and Postgraduate Schools and Faculties across the spectrum of health sciences.

We are home to numerous healthcare institutes as well as leading research centres driving pioneering breakthroughs in human health. Located in the heart of Dublin, with four international campuses and a student community of over sixty nationalities, we have a global perspective on how we train tomorrow’s clinical professionals today.

Ranked among the top 2% of universities worldwide, RCSI is a global leader in multidisciplinary healthcare education.

Our core mission is to educate, nurture and discover for the benefit of human health. As a not-for-profit organisation and the only third-level institution in Ireland that focuses solely on healthcare, we work hard everyday to stay true to our goal.

What we do

RCSI is more than just a third-level institution. We are home to students, educators, clinicians, researchers and policy leaders in a range of healthcare disciplines. These different backgrounds, experiences, skills and knowledge combine to make RCSI a hub that shapes the future of healthcare.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

One of the world's leading medical schools and the biggest medical school in Ireland, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences boasts a number of prestigious departments, including:

Surgery, Postgraduate Faculties and Professional Bodies

As the training body for surgery in Ireland, RCSI manages postgraduate residencies, memberships, fellowships and continuous professional development for all the surgeons in Ireland. You can find a number of key departments, faculties and institutes here:

Office of Research and Innovation

With the highest citation impact in Ireland and twice the world average, RCSI is leading the way in impactful research. The College is committed to high levels of research and commercialising intellectual property. We forge relationships and collaborate closely with industry, educational and research institutions to accelerate progress for the good of human health.

Where we work

At RCSI, we pride ourselves on having world-class facilities, to ensure our student experience is second to none.

From the Anatomy Room, that has been in use since 1812, to the only multidisciplinary clinical simulation centre outside of the United States, RCSI blends experience and tradition with cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

A hub of international activity, RCSI is proud to have over 60 countries represented on our student body. This diversity ensures our graduates are equipped with the experience to excel in whatever part of the world they chose to practice.

RCSI is also an international institution with overseas campuses: