School of Dentistry

Our School of Dentistry will equip our students to deliver excellence in dental care for patients in the community, improving their oral and general health.

Through a community-based approach to dental education, our graduates will be ready to work in the primary care environment where they will practice.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Our innovative five-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme will ensure our graduates are clinically competent, aware of their professional responsibilities and their role in the wider healthcare system.

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Meet Professor Albert Leung

Albert Leung

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to reflect upon how the education of the next generation of dentists can evolve, to ensure that dentists continue to play an important role in improving oral and general health.

Professor Albert Leung, Head of the School of Dentistry, RCSI. Find out more

Why study with us?

Primary care and patient-oriented training

We will educate students in a focused primary care environment, emphasising patient-centric practices to ensure the delivery of high-quality oral health improvements in the community.

Localised training and community sensitivity

A community-based model will address local health needs effectively, which will align with the national oral health policy to provide comprehensive oral healthcare and reduce inequalities.

Global connection
Experiential education and clinical skills

Using expertise in experiential education, the curriculum will ensure students acquire practical proficiency aligned with international best practices.

Connected people
Community-based dentistry curriculum

Inspired by recommended international best practices, the programme will focus on delivering integrated patient care and professional training near underserved communities.

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With a strong focus on health and societal impact we will work with others to make a positive and lasting impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Ireland and around the world.

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Our heritage in dental education

We have a strong heritage in dental education and training, running an undergraduate dental school for close to 100 years and granting a Licence in Dental Surgery. Theodore Stack, the first Professor of Dentistry in either England or Ireland was appointed at RCSI in 1884.

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