RCSI’s Health Professions Education Centre (HPEC) provides staff with a wide range of learning and development opportunities from formal education qualifications and peer observation, through to in-house, bespoke training sessions.

The centre also helps RCSI educators to generate new knowledge about health professions education, and to bring this to an international audience, through educational research.

HPEC can provide academic support in:

  • Teaching, assessment and learning innovation
  • Development and delivery of a flexible, multi-modal and workplace-based curriculum
  • Technology enhanced learning
  • Pedagogical research that informs practice

Teaching and education

Peer observation of teaching is an integral component to educator development at RCSI. HPEC leads the RCSI’s active and collaborative peer observation programme, which was established in 2013. To date, over 100 RCSI educators have taken part in peer observation.

HPEC also offers RCSI staff members exclusive access to a formal educational qualification through a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education. The programme is a one-year Level 9, 60-credit course which covers four modules: Introduction to Health Professions Education; Principles of Learning and Teaching; Assessment and Feedback in Health Professions Education and Curriculum Design and Evaluation.

Working from a pedagogical perspective informed by evidence-based research, we adopt a broad approach to using technology to support teaching and learning design, delivery and evaluation. In the area of technology enhanced learning (TEL) we offer workshops, clinics, online resources and innovation projects.


The Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) collaboration is an international group of individuals, universities and professional organisations committed to the development of evidence informed education in the medical and health professions through the:

  • dissemination of information which allows teachers and stakeholders in the medical and health professions to make decisions on the basis of the best evidence available.
  • production of systematic reviews which present the best available evidence and meet the needs of the user.
  • creation of a culture of best evidence education amongst individuals, institutions and national bodies.

HPEC is a member of the BEME collaboration and was elected as a BEME International Collaborating Centre (BICC). As a BICC, HPEC supports the production and use of BEME reviews to promote a culture of evidence informed health professions education across all RCSI campuses and hospital sites.

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