Professionalism is the DNA running through everything we do at RCSI. It is about putting our values into practice and promoting patient-centred care and clinician resilience and self care.

In 2017, we took a national lead at RCSI and appointed Ireland’s inaugural professor and chair of medical professionalism, Prof. Dubhfeasa Slattery.


Professionalism has, as its essence, patient-centred care incorporating patient safety and clinician resilience. At RCSI, we feel it should be part of our medical student and doctor’s DNA, and we have developed a new programme in professionalism that spans Undergraduate and Postgraduate education and continuous professional development to achieve this. 

At Undergraduate level, our curriculum in professionalism is practical, case-based and relevant – bringing real professionalism issues encountered in clinical practice to the classroom. Didactic lectures to packed auditoriums are replaced with team learning, small group learning, pro con debates, reflective practice and external speakers.

At Postgraduate level, a new interdisciplinary course in professionalism has been developed in collaboration with six RCSI faculties. 'Healthcare leaders: professionalism, quality risk and claims' incorporates leadership, professionalism, quality improvement and simulation as tools to teach open disclosure, risk and communication skills.

The College also hosts an Annual Professionalism Conference, which attached over 400 delegates and speakers from key national and international healthcare organisations.


We are also interested in furthering research into professionalism, in areas such as the clinical learning environment for postgraduate doctors; professional competency schemes for doctors; a reduction and mitigation of retained foreign bodies; and analysis of healthcare complaints to improve patient safety.

We have a number of Health Research Board (HRB) grants ongoing in collaboration with colleagues from the Royal College of Physicians (RCPI); the Medical Council; Trinity College Dublin (TCD); University College Cork (UCC); the State Claims Agency; National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway); and a number of international experts.