The below resources are courtesy of Michael West, Senior Visiting Fellow, The King’s Fund, Professor of Organisational Psychology, Lancaster University.

“At this time, it is vital that we are compassionate to those we care for, those we lead, our colleagues and ourselves.

We must be present and listen, understand deeply, empathise and find ways to help – others and ourselves. Connection, belonging and love are at the heart of our humanity and being. Our path ahead is clear in these dark times – to make compassion our constant guide and safe refuge.

And compassion must characterise our leadership at every level of our health and care systems.”

– Professor Michael West

Support healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis

Clinical Directors Executive Skills Alumni webinar

Compassionate must characterise our leadership at every level of our health and care systems. This webinar with Prof. West from 16 September focused being compassionate with self, those we lead, our colleagues and to ourselves and was aimed at leaders and managers adopting the ABC core needs of work: autonomy and control; belonging; compassionate cultures and competence.

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Leadership Lecture: The Courage of Compassion

On 28 May 2020, Prof. West kindly delivered a Leadership Lecture on 'The Courage of Compassion – Leadership for Now, Leadership for the Future in Health and Care'. You can watch the lecture in full below or view and download Prof. West's slides.

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Download the slides


Advice and support

The team from the RCSI Institute of Leadership Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership have created a number of useful short video resources for those in healthcare leadership roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. All are available to view below.