Fees and sponsorship

If you have any questions regarding your deposit, please contact RCSI Admissions by emailing admissions@rcsi.ie

This might be to confirm bank account details, ask about payment method options or to request confirmation of your deposit being received by RCSI.

RCSI will refund your tuition fees payment in the following limited circumstances:

  1. If you do not meet the conditions of your offer after final exam results are released, or
  2. If you are unable to travel to Dublin to commence your studies due to ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions which are outside of your control, such as an inability to secure a long stay study visa or an inability to book flights from your home country to Dublin.

For further information, please email admissions@rcsi.ie.

Many Canadian students apply for provincial or federal loans in Canada to fund their tuition and living costs while studying at RCSI.

RCSI's Student Fees department supports students in their applications by completing, signing and stamp-approving required forms. Please contact Student Fees by emailing studentfees@rcsi.ie

Many US students apply for US Federal Student Aid to fund their tuition and living costs while studying at RCSI.

If you receive an offer from RCSI and intend to apply for US Federal Student Aid, please email USFedloans@rcsi.ie stating that you have an offer and will be applying for US Federal Aid Funding.

Further information is available in the document below (scroll to the section on Financial Aid/Government Loans).

Fees and funding FAQs PDF | 466 KB

There are currently no scholarships or financial loans available to Non-EU students at RCSI. A number of our students either secure government scholarships in their home countries, private bank loans or financial aid funding.

If you require an official offer letter from RCSI for sponsorship, loan application or visa purposes, please email admissions@rcsi.ie with your full name and applicant ID and this will be provided.

If your query regarding fees or funding has not been addressed above, we would encourage you to consult the below document, which contains detailed information about fees.

If, having consulted the below document, you still have an unanswered query, please email the Admissions Office and we will be happy to help.

Fees and funding FAQs PDF | 466 KB