Some students may choose to travel with their parent(s) or guardian. In this case, parents/guardians will also be required to restrict their movements for 14 days. Most visitors to Ireland are choosing to complete the restricted movement period in hotels and the RCSI Travel Office can advise on hotel options that are located close to the University.

If students wish to spend the restricted movement period with their parent/s in the hotel, they may do so. When the 14-day period is over, they may then join their fellow RCSI students in the student accommodation. Please note however, that you can only join the on-campus accommodation after the 14 day restricted movement period has finished in the facility that you are booked to live in, i.e. you cannot check in and join the student community whilst they are in the middle of completing their own 14-day restricted movement period.

If you chose to stay in a hotel, please ensure that you have internet access to allow you to engage with your academic course during the 14-day restricted movement period.

Provided you confirm your hotel address with us, we will ensure that your RCSI laptop is delivered to the hotel to allow you to connect with your classes on day one. The easiest way to do this is to respond to emails from student recruitment regarding your Dublin address or to complete the meet and greet form and confirm your hotel address at least 10 days in advance of your arrival.

The first two weeks of the programme will be delivered online, while students are completing their 14-day restricted movement period. We have designed these initial two weeks to be very productive, which will provide you with a personal introduction to RCSI. From week three onwards, when the restricted movement period ends, students will get to join us onsite on the RCSI Dublin campus.

To ensure we comply with current physical distancing guidelines, students will continue to be taught in their 'learning community'. Smaller class groups will also minimise any COVID-19-related risks. For more details on this, please review pages 15-18 of the Supporting Your Health, Safety and Wellbeing booklet below.

Supporting Your Health, Safety and Wellbeing PDF | 9570.5 KB

If students travel to Dublin with their parents, they may choose to spend the 14-day restricted movement period with their parent/s in a hotel or self catering accommodation. When the 14-day restricted movement period is over, they may then join their fellow RCSI students in the student accommodation, but parents and family members will not be able to live on campus.

The opportunity for family members to visit Dublin during the academic year depends on how the COVID-19 situation improves in the coming months and whether the current restricted movement period requirements will still be in place at that stage. Once parents or family members have completed the 14-day restricted movement period, they are welcome to come and visit your on-campus accommodation. They are also welcome to come and visit the University and see where you will be studying.