Travelling and returning to Dublin

As the situation is evolving daily, RCSI recommends that you check the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website before making a decision on travel.

Please also consult your airline for further information, as well as the public health advice for the country you are travelling from. It is required, where possible and safe, that you to make plans to return to your Irish residence two weeks in advance of course commencement. 

This will allow students to comply with RCSI guidance on self-isolation. If travel is strictly not feasible we can create a personal curriculum commencement plan. Our aim is for all students to commence their term on-time regardless of geographic location. 

RCSI Travel are available to provide travel advice to returning students. If you have any specific questions on travel please contact RCSI Travel.

In order to prevent new COVID-19 cases coming into the Republic of Ireland, the Government’s requirement is for all overseas travellers to restrict their movements for 14 days.

This means that all visitors or people returning to Ireland – including our international students – will need to restrict movements for that period (see exact HSE guidelines here).

If you have any specific questions about your travel or accommodation, please contact the Student Services team.

There is ongoing discussion about the Government announcing 'green corridors' between countries with similar low levels of COVID-19, where restricted movement will not be required.

However, RCSI wants to maintain the highest level of public confidence in our processes, including returning many international students to our campuses and to hospitals and other healthcare settings this autumn. This means that, whatever changes there may be for travellers from some countries entering Ireland, RCSI will require all students who travel from overseas to restrict movement for 14 days when you arrive in Ireland.

Please review the start dates and required arrival dates published here so you can plan your journey and make sure you are back in time to observe the 14-day restricted movement requirement. The RCSI Travel Office is available to help you in your planning.

The HSE has stated that ‘restricted movement' means staying within your apartment/house, not mixing with or meeting others (except the people who also share that accommodation). We encourage you to organise online grocery shopping or food deliveries.

Daily outdoor physical activity is allowed with adequate social distancing.

RCSI staff will be working during this period to ensure you are fully supported. Further information, specific to your year, will be made available on your student engagement Moodle page.

Yes. Everyone who travels to Ireland needs to restrict their movements for 14 days. If students choose to travel with their parent/s or guardian, these individuals will also be required to restrict their movements for 14 days from arrival in Dublin/Ireland.

Most visitors to Ireland are choosing to complete this restricted movement period in hotels and the RCSI Travel Office can advise on hotel options that are located close to the University. 

If students wish to restrict their movements with their parent/s or guardian in the hotel, they may do so. When the 14-day period is over, they may then join their fellow RCSI students in the student accommodation.

However, please note that you can only join the on-campus accommodation after this 14 day period has finished in the facility that you are booked to live in  you cannot check-in and join the student community whilst they are in their own 14-day restricted movement period. Please refer to the HSE guidelines on restricting your movements.

All large (and indeed many small food retailers) offer home delivery services. These include Tesco, SuperValu and Lidl, to name but a few. Find your nearest store online and follow the instructions for home delivery. 

In addition, there are a large number of other food retailers offering ready-made meal/takeaway delivery services. These include, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, to name but a few.