Student life

interacting with othersSince 30 December 2020, the Irish Government placed Ireland on full Level 5 restrictions as part of its plan for living with COVID-19 and will remain in place until at least 5 March 2021. Please visit for further information on Level 5 restrictions.

We urge everyone to maintain a high level of personal compliance in relation to public health guidelines. Please remain professional at all times and make responsible decisions both on and off campus. We each have a significant role to play in how our society develops and to curb the risk of spread throughout the community.

We want you to feel safe, welcome and happy in your adopted city, and will do everything we can to support you as you transition to life in Dublin, so you can get on with creating a lifetime of memories.

When it is safe to do so and you wish to start exploring your new home in Dublin, you can find information on shopping, tours, activities, eating and nightlife on

Finding new ways to engage during COVID-19

This year, the RCSI Students' Union (SU) team adapted in many ways to accommodate all students at RCSI. We moved all of our activity to virtual platform; expanding our social media channels to involve a wider span of students and to ensure inclusivity across the board.

Since June 2020, the SU has been collaborating with various staff bodies to investigate how we can best support our wonderfully diverse student community. Together, we’ve created exciting new ways to engage students online; with fitness challenges, live Q&A events, interactive training, professionalism and upskilling opportunities, charity fundraisers, gift hamper giveaways, drop-in social sessions, competitions – to name a few.

As an SU, despite continual and unexpected challenges, we have persisted in being receptive, responsive and forward-thinking. As restrictions eased, we worked quickly and efficiently alongside staff teams, such as the Alumni Office, Estates, HR, the Green Campus Committee, and the Travel Office, to organise in-person safe outdoor excursions for students, like walking tours, park visits, mountain hikes and Dublin beach clean-ups.

We are extremely aware that students’ lives have been totally uprooted due to COVID-19. We know this because we are all full-time students ourselves. Promoting mental health, physical well-being, and self-care has been a large part of our goal for this year – ensuring that students can easily access resources, information, and help when and if they or a friend might need it. It’s been so important to us that we clearly show students that we’re always here to talk if they have questions, would like to share their concerns, or simply want to ask for help.

Please remember to regularly check out the new Student Hub which lists all the activities currently planned and underway for students.

We are looking forward to the next few months as we continue to support, accommodate, engage, entertain, provide for, meet new and represent all students at RCSI.

We are very proud of the rich and engaging extracurricular activities brought to life by our 35 sports clubs and 52 societies at RCSI. Each and every one plays an important role in the learning and development of our student body in addition to playing a key role in supporting our new students.

Socially, you  have the option to join lots of activities, including club and society events, daily exercise classes delivered by the RCSI Gym team including yoga, HIIT and exercises that can be done from your room and more. Please check out the new Student Hub which lists all the activities currently planned and underway for students.

COVID-19 has, of course, changed how our clubs and societies operate. However, we are committed to finding new ways to engage with the student body and we have no doubt that working with our Student Union and our captains, presidents and executive committees that we can safely deliver an active, fulfilling student life. Yes, it does look different than previous years but keeping all our students safe is front and centre of all we do.

The Students' Union (SU) is an annually elected body, consisting of eight officers.

'Team S.YOU' represents all students on a variety of both academic and non-academic committees and is considered the University's bridge between faculty/administration and the student body.

The SU is invited to most meetings and ensures that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. The SU also works closely with the Student Council, which consists of representatives from all classes at RCSI.

One of the primary duties of the SU is to represent students academically. The SU officers will listen to any problems or concerns that individuals or groups may have, including exam worries, results, use of computers and curriculum changes.  

Contact the SU by emailing

Everyone is urged to stay local. Staying local is the best way to minimise the spread of COVID-19 to ourselves, our friends, families, colleagues and vulnerable people. The Irish Government are updating the rules around social gatherings therefore you are advised to keep yourself updated on these rules.

We urge you to remain cautious and responsible when using public places such as restaurants, shops and coffee shops. Pubs and nightclubs remain closed until further notice and continue to represent points of particular risk.