Your campus

We have been working hard to ensure RCSI campuses are ready to welcome our students for the academic year 2020-21. We want to provide you with an authentic, but safe university and campus experience, complete with the important interactions that you expect. However there are some changes in place to ensure your safety. 

Before entering buildings you must wear a face covering for your own personal safety and for that of others. With many of our buildings you will enter through one door and exit through another.

Hand hygiene is extremely important, we have installed over 90 hand sanitiser dispensers across our buildings. We ask you to use these when entering all buildings.

At our reception desks we have installed perspex screens for safe interaction with our student engagement and front of house services.

Many of the corridors are divided with ‘keep left’ signs for ease of movement throughout the buildings. Some corridors are one way, however, all areas are accessible.

In our lecture theatres and tutorial rooms we have introduced designated seating.

In order for these essential measures to be successful everyone on our University campus has personal responsibility for themselves, to their colleagues and to fellow students.

In line with our increase safety measures, Croke Park, on the northside of the city, will act as a satellite campus for both IC2 and Year 2 teaching. Croke Park will house group lectures as well as tutorials, workshops and case-based sessions.

Croke Park is well connected to the RCSI city centre campus and the rest of Dublin. Importantly, it is also near to Beaumont Hospital, the main RCSI teaching hospital. The close proximity of this new satellite campus to Beaumont Hospital allows the academics and clinicians to easily travel to deliver your teaching. This will ensure medicine students in Year 2 and IC2 continue to receive a clinically focused education while at RCSI.

Croke Park has state-of-the-art facilities including study space, restaurants and other amenities that will ensure everything still feels like an RCSI campus. We are confident that it will provide an engaging student experience. It will be different for us all but still a fun, safe and great education facility.

Students and staff rely on a variety of modes of transportation to commute to the University. It is understandable that many would have a preference to commute in a manner that avoids modes of public transport, be that by car, walking or cycling. However, for many commuting to campus, avoiding public transport is not an option. Each of us will make our own decisions to devise the safest and best way to get to the University.

Public transport

If you require public transport we recommend that you purchase a Leap Card as soon as you arrive in Dublin. Student Leap Cards are also available, which offer additional discounts and benefits to users. Application forms for these and other discount cards are available from the Student Services office.

The regulation requiring public transport passengers to wear a face covering took full legal effect from 13 July 2020. Public transport services continue to operate as necessary for journeys at this time however, those who can get to their destination by walking, cycling or driving are encouraged to do so in order to prioritize the service for essential workers due to capacity restrictions. Guidelines are subject to change on this matter and further information can be found on the Transport for Ireland website

Bicycle parking

Bicycle parking on campus is in the following locations:

  • RCSI House, 121/122 SSG car park
  • 123 SSG at end of railings on York Street
  • 26 York Street. at back of building (via Cuffe lane)
  • Ardilaun Block B building (back of building via Cuffe Lane)
  • Mercer courtyard
  • Reservoir House, Sandyford – at back of building
  • Beaumont Smurfit Building – at front of building
  • Croke Park at the car park entrance

In other locations such as hospital sites there may be public bicycle parking facilities available to use.

Car parking

Car parking is available through public car parks near campus locations:

  • SSG campus – Q Park is available on Mercer Street. RCSI staff and students can avail of a daily discount of €11.
  • Beaumont Smurfit Building – Beaumont Hospital has a public car park
  • Reservoir House, Sandyford – contact your programme/course coordinator
  • Connolly Hospital campus – public car parking available
  • Croke Park – parking is available on the grounds of Croke Park.

If you are driving to RCSI in your own private car, please try to avoid car sharing/pooling if possible with the exception of persons who you live with.

No matter the mode of transport used, once students and staff arrive to campus there is a requirement to complete hand washing/hand sanitising before moving though the campus. Ideally hand washing with soap and water is preferable to using sanitiser, but sanitiser will be available for use in multiple locations.

The catering providers for the St Stephen’s Green campus and Beaumont Smurfit Building are Chartwells catering. There are three restaurant facilities on the St Stephen's Green campus (1784, Remedy and the Dispensary) and one in Beaumont Smurfit Building (Bean Lab).

In line with social distancing protocols, the capacity of seating in all cafes on campus has been reduced.

Our catering providers have adapted a 'grab and go' food offering which will allow you to purchase your food with confidence and safety.

Breakfast will be available in all the cafes which will include individually wrapped muffins/pastries/scones/baguettes and rolls. There will also be a hot breakfast offering which will be porridge, turkey bacon and turkey sausage baps, and avocado and poached egg blasts.

Hot and cold Halal lunch options will be available to include sandwiches, wraps, box salads and hot pot selections.

Hot beverages will be available in all cafes.

Blackthorn café will be open for those based in Croke Park. The food offering will be tailored to match similar offerings in our St Stephen's Green and Beaumont campus and to meet the needs of our students and staff.

Students utilising the restaurant facilities on campus are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Follow all guidance and signage with respect to physical distancing and hand hygiene
  • Follow the signposted queue management system and distance markings to avoid queues at food counters, tray return points and checkouts
  • Use contactless payment where possible
  • All food and beverages will be served in disposable containers (i.e. no crockery, no stainless-steel cutlery (biodegradable cutlery will be available to purchase)
  • Your own reusable cup will not be accepted.

Communal student common rooms are located across all sites in RCSI. The following measures will be implemented in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in these shared spaces:

  • Distance markings will be clearly displayed in all communal areas within the University and we ask everyone to ensure you adhere to the appropriate physical distancing guidelines.
  • The total occupancy for each communal room will be clearly signposted and all are asked to comply with these occupancy guidelines.
  • Seating will be removed to facilitate physical distancing.
  • In an effort to reduce touch points self-service coffee and tea making facilities will be removed.
  • Microwaves and hot water dispensers will remain in place and hygiene products (sanitising sprays and wipes) will be provided.
  • Everyone will be expected to operate a 'clean in, clean out' policy and wipe down anything that they have come in contact with prior to and after use.
  • People are not to share objects that touch their mouth, for example, bottles or cups, and therefore crockery and cutlery will be removed from common rooms.
  • We ask that you do not congregate in common areas / hallways, landings, staircases.

We understand that busy students need the very best facilities to balance their academic and health and fitness ambitions. Our Gym and Fitness Centre caters for complete beginners to regular exercisers and offers the very best gym equipment available anywhere in Ireland.

Due to the increase in health and safety measures, access to the gym and attending classes will be different. Please familiarise yourself with the following information and ensure you download the gym app Fitsense to pre-book your sessions.

Access and booking

Access to the gym will be available to students who are authorised to be on the St Stephens’s Green campus and who have completed the online registration.

The gym will operate on a pre-booking system. Book your slot by:

  • Using the gym app (Fitsense)
  • Email
  • Telephone +353 1 402 5096

Each session must be pre-booked up to six days in advance.Each session will be 45 minutes in duration. Bookings will be for a specific area of the gym only. There will be no access to the changing rooms before a gym session so we ask all students to arrive ready to workout.


We intend to offer a blend of in-person and online group fitness classes. These group fitness classes will be held in the Sports Hall to ensure social distancing. Booking is via the gym app.

Shower facilities

Although users will be strongly advised to workout at the end of their day and shower at home, the changing rooms will be open. If the capacity of the changing room is reached, it will be necessary to operate a 'one in and one out' queuing system and students should build in additional time to allow for this.

Additional services

  • Live online group fitness classes daily
  • One to one video consultations
  • Daily group fitness classes on -3 and -4, 26 York Street
  • One-to-one personal training in RCSI Gym
  • Private small group online training workouts
  • Personalised running plans
  • Personalised home workout plans
  • Nutrition supports including meal plans (online and in person)

To avail of any of the services offered, contact

The safety and well-being of students underpins our RCSI Library service plans for the coming academic year. For returning students you will notice changes both to how we deliver services and to the physical study environments as we implement the necessary physical distancing measures. Over the coming weeks we will be rolling out new online and onsite services, including zero-contact services to facilitate student access to print collections. The physical libraries will reopen to students from September 2020.

Online services

  • A Virtual Information Desk will be available to support you with general queries relating to library services and in-depth support. Please email us, use our new online chat service which will be available later this month, and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook.
  • To support your online learning, the Library has created new resources on Moodle and LibGuides to help you develop your skills and techniques searching for and using information. One-to-one research consultations are available by appointment, please email
  • The Library BiteSize sessions will be delivered online this year. These sessions provide you with an opportunity to learn how to effectively search and use information. Topics include Library Essentials, How to Reference, and Searching Healthcare Databases.
  • The online library is available 24/7 providing you with access to a wide range of databases, ejournals and ebooks. For 2020/21 we are aiming to provide reading list materials online when we can.
  • Some tips for using the online library:
    • Use the links in the A-Z resources to connect to databases, clinical summary tools and ejournal collections
    • Use the ejournal portal to locate specific journals. Search by journal title keyword. The portal provides a link to the journal and also indicates what years online access is available for.
    • Use BrowZine to explore our online journals collection by topic. BrowZine allows you to create a personal bookshelf and to save favourite articles. Find out more about BrowZine, including the phone app version, on the Library Blog.
    • Use the Library catalogue ebook search to look up books available online.

Onsite services

To complement online services we are currently developing a range of zero-contact services to facilitate access to materials for students, including:

  • Scan and deliver – using this service you will be able to request scans of book chapters and journal articles located in the general print collections and have them delivered to you electronically.
  • Click and collect – using this service you can place an online request for print books held in the general collections. The Library team will process the requests and have the items ready for collection for students with home rooms based in York Street and Beaumont Hospital. Alternative services will be provided to students based in satellite campuses and learning from home.

In addition to library study spaces, you will have access to new study environments this year. Additional study spaces will be available in Block B, Ardilaun. Learning communities will be assigned home rooms and these will be timetabled as study environments outside of teaching time.

Study environments will be booked for your learning community and appear on your student timetable. Outside of these timetabled slots, you are requested to study from home.

Access to the study environments – home rooms, library study spaces and other locations such as Block B, Ardilaun – will be restricted based on your home room location. This is to support student health and wellbeing and minimse risk of infection.

In light of the 2m physical distancing protocol and requirements for learning communities to make use of the study facilities in the location of their home room, in addition to library

Guidelines for use of study environments (RCSI Library – York Street, Beaumont Hospital and Block B, Ardilaun):

Individual study spaces in the libraries and Block B are shared communal resources. We have a shared responsibility to maintain safety measures when using these spaces to protect student health and well-being.

Students should:

  • Only visit the study environments if their learning community has been timetabled to attend these spaces. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms please do not come into these spaces.
  • Observe 2m physical distancing by using the designated seats in the study environments and keep to the one way systems, entrance/exit guidelines .
  • Adhere to the clean in/clean out policy when using study spaces. Use the cleaning kits to disinfect your workspace before you sit down to study and again when you are leaving the space.
  • Wear a face covering at all times.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices – respiratory/cough etiquette, regular hand washing and using hand santizer in between.
  • Bring all personal belongs and materials with you when leaving the communal study environments.
  • Return library materials to designated areas within the study environments.

The University has a multi-denominational oratory and prayer rooms for students of the Islamic faith.

Prayer rooms are available on campus and in Croke Park during building opening times, however, there will be restrictions in place in line with the public health guidelines.

Therefore we ask students to behave responsibly, adhere to all guidelines and take all necessary precautions when using the prayer rooms. We request your understanding and cooperation.

Students are asked to adhere to following guidelines:

  • Due to social distancing requirements please note there will be a limitation in the numbers attending prayers. Please ensure you place your mat on an area that has been clearly marked with signage.
  • Once capacity is reached you will unfortunately not be able to access the prayer room.
  • Make ablution (Wudu) at home, the Wudu area will not be available.
  • Please bring your own prayer mat. For the safety of all persons using the prayer room there will be no admittance without a mat.
  • Please place shoes in a bag, the shoe rack has temporarily been removed.
  • We ask students to comply with a ‘pray and go’ system to give all student an opportunity to pray.
  • No staying, no socialising and no shaking hands.
  • Please wear face masks during prayer and use the hand sanitizer station when entering and exiting prayer room.

Touchpoints entering and exiting will be cleaned frequently throughout the day, and the floor area will be sanitized between prayers.

The Students' Union (SU) is an annually elected body, consisting of eight officers.

'Team S.YOU' represents all students on a variety of both academic and non-academic committees and is considered the University's bridge between faculty/administration and the student body.

The SU is invited to most meetings and ensures that student voices are heard on a variety of topics. The SU also works closely with the Student Council, which consists of representatives from all classes at RCSI.

One of the primary duties of the SU is to represent students academically. The SU officers will listen to any problems or concerns that individuals or groups may have, including exam worries, results, use of computers and curriculum changes.

In conjunction with the Student Services Office and the Sports Union, the Team S.You also assist in organising a variety of social events at RCSI throughout the academic year. These include: Freshers' Week, RAG (Raise and Give) week, International Night and the SU College Ball.

Contact the SU by emailing