Your first two weeks

Self- isolatingWe want to maintain the highest level of public confidence and take every step to keep you safe and well. This means that RCSI will require all students who travel from overseas to restrict movement for 14 days when they arrive in Ireland. The current Government guidelines on restricting movement means staying at home and avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible.

This includes:

  • Irish citizens coming home
  • people with no symptoms
  • people who have tested negative for the virus in another country

During your time of restricted movement, you should organise online grocery shopping or food deliveries if possible. Daily outdoor physical activity is allowed with adequate social distancing (keeping 2m apart from others).

If possible avoid:

  • using public transport
  • visiting others outside of your own accommodation
  • meeting face-to-face with anyone who is at higher risk from COVID-19

For further information in relation to travel and the requirement to restrict your movement please visit the HSE website.

In line with Government guidelines, you may be contacted during the 14 days after you arrive in Ireland. This is to check that you are at the address you gave on the COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form.

The Welcome Buddy programme

For our new international students who are required to restrict their movement for the first 14 days after arrival in Dublin we are delighted to offer a ‘Welcome Buddy’ programme.

By way of offering additional support, students will have access to a staff buddy if they wish to avail of the service. Staff buddies are academic and non-academic staff who have volunteered to check in frequently with the students throughout their first two weeks in Dublin, share some tips and advice on life in Dublin and answer any questions they may have about getting used to their new home. The student and staff buddy will collaboratively agree a schedule to communicate.


The RCS-Eye website has important information on a host of other matters related to your arrival and life in Dublin. The site is continuously updated so please check in regularly for the most up-to-date information.

New students

Orientation and registration takes place at the start of your course and will be delivered online this year during the first two weeks of the programme – your term dates are available here. It comprises a series of introductory lectures which will lay the groundwork to ensure that you are fully appraised of all academic and non-academic matters, to allow you to flourish as a student in the University.

All new students will be provided with the following in advance of their first day:

  • RCSI student card (this will provide access to the library, computer labs and all other areas of the campus)
  • RCSI Apple MacBook
  • Log-on details for online services and RCSI e-mail account
  • Moodle access (RCSI’s virtual learning environment)

Returning students 

All returning students need to remember to bring a laptop to Dublin, to enable you to start your programme straight away. This includes students due to receive replacement laptops – details about laptop distribution will be shared in due course.

You must also ensure you complete the online registration process, including updating your term-time address and mobile phone number

This is more important than ever, as we must have up-to-date and accurate information to be able to contact you.

For students in clinical years and on clinical sites, you will be required to wear scrubs. RCSI has bulk ordered scrubs and you will be required to purchase these in advance. Full details will be available on your Moodle pages.

All students must wear a mask while in-doors in any/all RCSI buildings.

All students should download the HSE COVID-19 tracker app which you can only download once you arrive in Ireland.

This will help the HSE manage the situation outside of RCSI.

For students on clinical attachments, you must keep a record of which teams and clinics you attended and who you were with.This will be available on the MyRCSI app.

Completion rates will be actively monitored as a marker of professionalism. Students who do not complete the forms will be followed up and if persistent, action may be taken under the RCSI Disciplinary Regulations.

Students who are due to attend clinical sites must be tested for COVID-19 in advance of starting on the clinical site. Medical testing is deemed ‘essential’ and you will be able to attend your appointment while you are observing restricted movement. Students will be invited, by email, for testing in strict order of when they are due to attend clinical sites.

At the testing session, we will also provide you with training on the proper use and fitting of masks which is also a mandatory requirement. The COVID-19 test and training will take approximately 40 minutes in total to complete and will take place in the Sports Hall, 26 York Street – all information will be outlined in the email. Please do not share the link in the email to book your appointment with others as it is personal to you. You must attend on the date you are invited. If you have previously taken a test e.g. before leaving your home country to travel to Ireland, you will still have to take the RCSI test. RCSI is covering the costs of these tests.

RCSI crested scrubs

It is now the normal practice at most clinical sites for staff and students to wear scrubs. RCSI crested scrubs can be purchased on the day of your COVID test and we would recommend that each student purchases at least two sets. The cost is €30 per set. We will be accepting cashless payments only (credit/debit cards or Google/Apple Pay) at the Expo Stand in 26 York Street on all COVID testing dates. For queries, please contact Student Services.

Compulsory online modules

Students who will be attending clinical sites are required to undertake a series of training modules prior to attendance on clinical site. You should complete the training modules once you have been scheduled for your COVID test and mask fitting and these details will be provided to you. Some of them are on hospital systems, some on HSE and you cannot do these before you arrive in Ireland.

You will not be allowed onto a clinical site until you have completed these modules. Completion rates will be actively monitored as a marker of professionalism. Students who do not complete the training will be followed up and action may be taken under the RCSI Disciplinary Regulations. Students are reminded that they must adhere to all the clinical protocols in place and be reassured that the teams they are assigned to will advise them.

The following training requirements apply to GEM1, GEM2, IC3, SC1 and SC2. Please complete the below training modules on HSEland and ensure you keep a certification of completion of same.

  1. Introduction to infection Prevention and Control
  2. Breaking the Chain of Infection
  3. Hand Hygiene for HSE Clinical staff
  4. Putting on and taking off PPE in acute healthcare settings
  5. Putting on and taking off PPE in community healthcare settings
  6. Infection Prevention and Control
  7. What is Corona Virus