Bennett Peter

The Surgical Science and Practice course was well structured with a lot of interactions and information being taught and simulated. I enjoyed the discussions and the cases put forward, which raked our minds,  and the skills training, which enabled us to hone our skills.

The programme gave me an understanding of the nuances in surgical practice while being in a controlled and safe environment. The repeated practice and feedback that we receive during training provides an opportunity to improve and reflect on our actions and decision making so as to learn and better ourselves for the real-world experience.

The skills training was very much useful in my opinion. Getting immediate feedback and tips and tricks to improve our skills was very much helpful. Having one-on-one training is absolutely useful especially if it is a skill that is being done for the first time. The fact that it was also possible to do it in the COVID period was also commendable.

I would say timing and management of assessments and assignments are key when progressing through the course. Reading more would improve one's knowledge and would be able to make one able to interact and progress through the course, effectively.

The programme helped me start looking into evidence-based medicine and provide an impetus for me to appear for the MRCS exam. It also has opened the door for me to do some research work and understand the nuances of medical research.

Bennett Peter, Masters (MCh) in Surgical Science and Practice, Class of 2020