Miriam Mullrey

I was drawn to the Loss and Bereavement (Counselling) course as in my work as a psychotherapist – working with a multitude of issues from people with suicidal ideation, trauma histories, depression, bereavement, to those dying from cancer and more – I wanted to have a greater understanding of the losses these people are going through.

I can honestly say there isn't one client that sits in front of me who hasn't experienced loss of some description, be it loss through bereavement, loss of relationship, loss of innocence through abusive trauma, loss of self through depression, loss of independence through physical illness, loss of hope with suicidal ideation or the ultimate loss of facing death.

My experience [of the course] has been very positive, although initially feeling daunted by the whole academic process. The course is explorative, informative and experiential and the depth of learning far outweighs the challenges and a big plus for me is the available support from the College.

For me, going forward, I can see the impact on my work being very positive, feeling armed with knowledge, skills and self-care plans for both me and my clients. I look forward to continuing my studies with RCSI and Irish Hospice Foundation.

Miriam Mullrey, MSc Loss & Bereavement (Counselling), Class of 2020