Shaheer Khan

As an RCSI Bahrain graduate with a firm interest in surgery, the Masters in Surgical Science and Practice (MSSP) programme at RCSI Dublin was the natural next step for me to sharpen my skills and build an excellent foundation for my future career as a surgeon.

During my internship at King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain, I quickly experienced how my education at RCSI Bahrain gave me the confidence and capabilities to thrive in a vast variety of dynamic clinical environments. While I could perform tasks on which I was given formal training, I felt less fluent when it came to technical surgical skills. Appreciating the role my formal education had in making me a doctor, I searched for a program to formally learn how to become a surgeon, and ultimately found the MSSP.

So far, the MSSP has been everything I’ve been looking for and more. I have had nearly unlimited practice of basic surgical skills and through sophisticated plastic and porcine models crafted by our expert technicians and with direct supervision from veteran specialist consultants, I have also learned how to perform multiple open and laparoscopic procedures from skin to skin. The scope of the course extends further than just technical skills; it encompasses all aspects of being a surgeon. From ward rounds to multidisciplinary team meetings to journal clubs to health economics to global surgery to non-technical skills and much more, this curriculum has embodied surgery inside and out.

This course not only creates surgeons, it inspires outstanding ones. With much gratitude to the leadership of Professor Oscar Traynor and Dr Maire Morris, the mastery held by all of our clinical tutors, the expertise of our simulation technicians, and the invaluable support of our administrative staff, I’m happy to affirm that the MSSP is truly a masterclass of surgery with immense benefit to all who aim to become surgeons of the future.

Shaheer Khan, RCSI Bahrain, Class of 2020 and Masters (MCh) in Surgical Science and Practice, Class of 2022