Healthcare Ethics and Law

Ethics and law

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The MSc in Healthcare Ethics and Law will enable you to develop an understanding of the nature of ethics and law in medicine and apply the principles to your practices.

It facilitates skills development in formulating practical and well-reasoned responses to philosophical and clinical problems in medical ethics, as well as recognising and formulating alternative positions, enhancing both clinician-patient, researcher-subject and clinical teamwork relationships.

The programme also aims to further the understanding of those whose work brings them into contact with medical ethics and law, and those who wish to embark on further study or research; and to assist those who may already be involved in research and clinical ethics committees.

Learn more about the programme through our alumni below.

Maciek Szydlowski

"I believe the MSc in Healthcare Ethics and Law can equip its graduates with the competence and skills to contribute to better engagement with patients, better communication, and better healthcare."

Anne Tobin

"I really enjoyed the course and relished the opportunity to step back and challenge my own assumptions and biases about challenging areas of healthcare practice.”