Renal Nursing

Nursing and midwifery

Course details

The Postgraduate Diploma in Renal/Urology Nursing is designed to equip students with the theory and skills necessary to provide evidence-based, quality care to patients with renal/urological disorders in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Delivered in partnership with Beaumont Hospital, this one-year, part-time programme allows you to explore a range of clinical and theoretical issues, whilst also fostering the skills necessary to function as team leaders and clinical resources to peers.

Course code: C10821

Learning outcomes

This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to critically: 

  • Explore the aetiology and pathophysiology of renal disorders and their physiological effects on other body systems. 
  • Evaluate the holistic assessment of the patient presenting with a diagnosis of renal disease. 
  • Demonstrate awareness of the holistic nursing care and management of the renal patient receiving renal replacement therapies. 
  • Explore the complications associated with renal replacement therapies including their management and prevention. 
  • Appraise the effects and side-effects of immunosuppressive therapy and their relationship to the long-term management of the renal transplant recipient. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the multidisciplinary team in the provision of a support network to the urological patient and their families. 


A blended learning approach is utilised in this programme, to promote lifelong learning and professional development for all nursing staff.

The first three modules are delivered in RCSI with the remaining three modules and clinical component delivered in Beaumont Hospital. By undertaking a strand specific to your needs, you will develop as a knowledgeable, skilled and reflective practitioner.

Students undertaking the Renal Strand complete the core modules of:

  • Understanding and Managing Renal Disorders 
  • Understanding and Managing Renal Replacement Therapies 
  • Understanding and Managing Renal Transplant

The programme modules are:

Module name Credits Assessment method
Advanced Research Methods 10 Assignment
Advanced Leadership – Professional & Clinical 10 Assignment
Professional Critical Reflexivity and Competence
10 Examination

Holistic Care of the Patient with Disorders of the Renal System

10 Examination
Care of the Renal Transplant Patient 10 Assignment and presentation

Interdisciplinary Care of the Patient Receiving Renal Replacement Therapy (option) - orCare of the Patient with a Urological Disorder (option)

10 Assignment