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Technologies and Analytics in Precision Medicine with Industry

Pharmacy and biomolecular sciences

Your future

The MSc in Technologies and Analytics in Precision Medicine with Industry at RCSI is a unique educational and experiential offering, filling an essential and emerging skills gap in the life sciences sector in the area of future transformative therapeutic technologies.

Graduates are in a position to apply for roles such as, but not limited to, computational biologists, data scientists/analysts, bioinformatician/bioinformatics scientist across the bio-pharmaceutical industry. In addition, this course will further enhance the student's academic profile and therefore make them highly competitive for PhD applications across both national and international research/universities.

Finally, the experiential learning component with industry not only enhances a graduate's workplace readiness and employability, but also introduces them to future employers. 

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Rebecca Williams

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about this field and is looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience. It has been an excellent opportunity to gain new skills to succeed in a rapidly growing and evolving field."

Rebecca Williams, full-time MSc student
Fiona Paine

"It is a well-rounded course in which theory and practice are combined, ensuring graduates are ready to progress their careers. The great rapport between students and staff, as well as the compelling content, make it a really enjoyable experience."

Fiona Paine, MSc student