Active Bystander Intervention Training


Suitable for: SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties; emergency medicine doctors

'Active Bystander' is an innovative and award-winning training session which gives staff and students the skills to challenge unacceptable behaviours, including those which may have become normalised over time.

Each session features four scenarios of negative behaviour, which are agreed in advance with each client to ensure that they are realistic and imaginable in the specific context of the organisation. We include group discussion and interactivity as part of this. For remote delivery, this section is adapted to make use of the functionality of the technology used.

Each delegate receives an 'Active Bystander' toolkit booklet, which contains the main techniques covered in the session. For virtual delivery, these are sent to each client in the post after the training has been completed.

Every session includes:

  • A video demonstrating bystander apathy.
  • Specific references to each client organisation’s reason for running the training – such as staff survey data, policies or value frameworks.
  • References to high-profile examples of inappropriate/unacceptable behaviour.
  • Decision-making techniques to help people overcome fear and self-doubt when faced with a challenging situation.
  • Assertiveness techniques to give them the confidence and tools to speak out, whether they are dealing with the challenge directly or calling for help from others.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the importance of being an active bystander
  • Skills and techniques to positively challenge bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviours
  • Agreed steps to take to be an effective bystander.