Advanced General Surgery


This advanced course will explore and discuss the decision-making around the challenges of incisional hernia repair, difficult cholecystectomies and small bowel resections with expert faculty.

This is a full porcine course with one pig per four participants and a faculty-to-participant ratio of 1:4. The participant must have experience in operating in the abdomen as the main operator and be experienced in laparoscopic surgery.

This course will initially explore the management of incisional hernia and laparoscopic placement of an extraperitoneal mesh. Upper abdominal work will include an hiatal hernia repair and a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which will then be converted to open; followed by small bowel closure techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge in the decision-making regarding some common yet challenging aspects of general surgery practice
  • Practice with performing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and converting it to an open procedure
  • Experience in placing a dissecting balloon into the extraperitoneal space
  • Knowledge in mesh choices for abdominal wall hernia management
  • Insight into performing a hiatal hernia repair
  • Experience in removing a simulated small bowel tumor and an open small bowel anastomosis

In this practical course we will use a combination of synthetic and animal tissue (full pig cadavers).

Suitable for: Senior registrars in general and colorectal surgery with experience in laparoscopic surgery