Advanced Laparoscopy


Suitable for: Registrars in all surgical specialities

This course will enable you to perfect and practice your laparoscopic knot-tying and intracorporeal suturing skills using virtual reality and synthetic- and animal-based simulators in our wet lab facility. You will be given the opportunity to have a two-way discussion on the up-to-date laparoscopic operative management in topics such as laparoscopic hepatobiliary, gastric and small bowel surgery under the guidance of experienced laparoscopic consultant surgeons. This course has been designed for senior registrars in general surgery, who are already doing laparoscopic cholecystectomies independently, for example.

Learning outcomes

  • Perform an intracorporeal suture placement and knot tying more efficiently
  • Knowledge of the more complex laparoscopic gallbladder procedures
  • Knowledge of the more complex laparoscopic common bile duct procedures
  • Improved practical knowledge of the decision-making and management of peptic ulcer disease
  • Increased confidence in performing a simulated laparoscopic bowel anastomosis