An Introduction to Word and PowerPoint


This course is designed to facilitate an introduction MS Word and PowerPoint for complete beginners with no previous knowledge of the application required.

The course will focus on creating presentations, working with slides, adding text and basic objects like pictures, tables and charts. It will be a hands-on practical workshop type session that will bring participants through creating and editing to presenting their first PowerPoint slideshow.

Learners will also gain a better understanding on creating new documents, saving, editing and updating existing documents, basic text entry and formatting tasks and the course will give participants the essential knowledge to be able to confidently work with standard business documents including letters, memos, reports and lists.

The course will be delivered using Windows PCs. 

This course is suitable for SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties and emergency medicine doctors. We recommend that participants have previously attended the General PC Skills course, or are competent to the level of tasks as outlined on the General PC Skills session.

Learning objectives

MS PowerPoint

  • Beginning a new presentation
  • Adding and deleting slides
  • Adding and working with text
  • Using objects like pictures, charts and tables
  • Formatting slides – the design tab
  • Changing slide sequence, slide transitions and basic animations
  • Presenting a slideshow
  • Creating Notes pages

MS Word

  • Creating, opening, saving and closing documents
  • Navigating around a Word document
  • Building and editing documents
  • Selecting, enhancing, moving and copying text
  • Using bullets and numbers
  • Formatting paragraphs
  • Previewing, proofing and printing documents