Anal Surgical Conditions


A significant portion of general and colorectal surgical practice deals with the management of anal conditions. This course will initially present relevant anatomy and have open interactive discussions on the challenging management of common anal conditions.

Peri-anal conditions such as perianal abscess, pilonidal sinus, fistula-in-ano, peri-anal tumors and haemorrhoids management will be discussed.

Practice sessions will be enabled by the use of animal bench models where you will practice procedures such as the application of a seton, abscess drainage and haemorrhoid banding.

Learning outcomes

  • Familiarity with important anatomic considerations pertinent to perianal disease
  • Knowledge of the management of perianal haemorroids
  • Practice in the application of a seaton for fistula-in-ano management
  • Knowledge of the principles of perianal abscess drainage and management
  • Insight into pilonidal sinus management
  • Knowledge of perianal cancer management

Suitable for: SHOs and early registrars in general and colorectal surgery