Basic Emergency Ultrasound


This practical course is designed give you an introduction to the use of bedside point of care ultrasound in the emergency department as an important and essential adjunct to clinical examination. Actors play the role of patients to facilitate skills demonstration and practice.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic principles of ultrasound.
  • The knobology of bedside ultrasound machines.
  • Introduction to eFAST – the extended focused abdominal sonography in trauma assessment.
  • Assessment of the abdominal aorta and IVC.
  • Ultrasound guided cannulation.
  • Basic echocardiography in life support.

Learning objectives

  • To review and understand basic ultrasound principles and confounding variables.
  • To practice the different terminology and knobology of the bedside ultrasound machine.
  • To practice a systematic approach to eFAST.
  • To practice a systematic AAA and IVC assessment.
  • To be aware of the role and limitations of POCUS in patients with shock or cardiac arrest.