Basic Endoscopy Skills


Suitable for: SHOs and early registrars in general surgery, upper GI and colorectal surgery.

The first part of this endoscopy course will discuss themes such as the use of equipment, sedation, bowel preparation and decision-making during in endoscopy.

The practical workshop will use both virtual reality endoscopic simulators and bench task trainers to learn and practice doing gastroscopy and colonoscopy, on modules with different pathologies. In some of the modules tasks such as polypectomy and biopsy will be performed.

Learning outcomes

  • An increased knowledge of endoscopic handling and orientation
  • Acquired an increased knowledge in the types and application of sedation
  • An increased understanding of the methods of bowel preparation
  • Increased confidence in performing a gastroscopy
  • Increased confidence in performing a colonoscopy
  • Improved skills in preventing complications such as looping