Basic Microvascular Surgery and Limb Exploration


This is our first microvascular and limb exploration course for the CPDSS programme. After familiarisation with an operative microscope and the correct use of microvascular instruments, you will practice your skills on a number of synthetic and animal bench models.

Loup glasses will also be used to magnify the view while exploring a simulated wound in an animal limb. After exploring, the limb smaller structures such as vessels and nerves will be repaired.

Learning outcomes

  • Familiarity with the surgical microscope and microvascular instrumentation
  • Increased dexterity in fine-needle handling
  • Practice in applying fine sutures to miniature vessels and nerves
  • Recognising divided structures in a clean laceration to the limb
  • Knowledge of the decision-making on structure repair in a traumatised limb

Suitable for: Registrars in any surgcial specialty where the microscope is used in theatre