Basic Skills in Urology


This is a multi-faceted course that will address, scrotal diseases as well as cystic and ureteric conditions. Both animal models and bench models will allow the participant to perform a circumcision, repair a hydrocele, remove stones from the ureter and insert J-stents. The correct use of a cystoscope, a flexible urethroscope, will be demonstrated and up-to-date methods of performing a TURP discussed and practiced.

This course is suitable for SHOs and registrars in urology.

Learning objectives

  • Exposure to common open and endoscopic procedures used in everyday urology practice
  • Knowledge of the correct use of scopes for diagnostic and therapeutic urology procedures
  • Knowledge of some open operative methods used to correct some urological conditions, such as hydrocele, TURP
  • A better practical knowledge of managing stone disease

Lead facilitator: Mr Killian Walsh