Critical Decision-making on a Virtual Emergency Medicine Ward Round


This innovative, highly interactive online course is designed around a virtual simulated surgical ward round. The aim of the course is to develop your critical thinking, clinical decision-making skills, communication skills and, most importantly, your ability to know when and how to escalate care in acutely unwell surgical ward or emergency department surgical patients.

Ward rounds are an excellent resource for surgical education but due to clinical time pressures they are rarely used for this purpose. Simulated ward rounds facilitate teaching and learning in a safe environment. During this course simulated virtual ward rounds on both a surgical ward and in an emergency department will develop your clinical and non-technical skills including interpersonal communication, prioritisation, teamwork and communication. Learning to recognise when and how to escalate care is a key component of this course.

The virtual simulated ward rounds will consist of a number of clinical surgical scenarios role-played by trained simulated patients. The virtual rounds will be led and de-briefed by a consultant surgeon, emergency medicine consultant and a surgical educationalist specialising in human factors.

All of the faculty have previous clinical experience and recent experience teaching virtual and on-site simulated ward rounds.

Learning outcomes

  • Assess, plan and prioritise care for acutely deteriorating surgical presentations
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills
  • Escalate care and treatment appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Demonstrate effective, safe communication skills with patients and senior team members

Suitable for: SHOs in all surgical specialties; emergency medicine doctors