Endourology: Interactive Masterclass in Stone Disease


The aim of this course is to present the latest in the field of surgical and medical treatment of stone disease. You will observe live surgeries from expert national and international surgeons and have discussion on latest instruments, difficult cases/scenarios and tips and tricks for stone treatment in interactive sessions. The latest advancements and future related trends will be discussed, deliberated and analysed by expert speakers in the field.

This advanced course in endourology will be facilitated by an international group of experts. There will be an emphasis on familiarisation of endourological anatomy and the management of stone disease. The indications, efficacy and safety of ureteroscopy (semi-rigid, flexible, usable and disposable) and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) will be outlined, including pros and cons of each approach. Considerations and management of complications for all approaches will be discussed.

This course is suitable for registrars in urology who are already familiar with ureteroscopy.

Lead facilitators: Mr Syed Jaffry, Mr Asad Ullah Aslam

Learning objectives

  • More familiarity of important anatomic considerations, equipment and basic technique.
  • Knowledge of the risk factors, complications and management of stone disease.
  • Ability to choose the right modality for ureteral and renal calculi.
  • Familiarity with the tips and tricks for each technique and approaches to optimising outcomes and minimising complications.