Excel - Advanced Functions


This course has been developed as a follow-on course to the Excel – Introduction course, with a specific focus on introducing you to the features of the application that are used to build, manage and analyse lists of data (records).

You should be familiar with the basic functions (sum, average, max, min and count) as this session will push on to explore more advanced logical, lookup, date/time, text and statistical functions. Time will also be devoted to handling function and formula errors along with using the IFERROR option.

Recommended pre-requisites: You should ideally have attended the Excel – Introduction course or have a good understanding of the topics listed on that course outline along with its pre-requisites.

This course will be delivered using Windows PCs.

Faculty: Mr Noel Manning IT Training and Development, Technical Writing (Software)

Learning objectives

  • Logical functions
  • Lookup functions
  • Date/time functions
  • Text functions
  • Statistical functions