Excel – An Introduction


This course is designed for complete beginners and/or very new users of Microsoft Excel. It will provide you with the essential fundamental knowledge requires to begin using this spreadsheet application to both work with existing and create and save new Excel files.

The training will be hands-on with lots of demonstration, practice and exercises to help you understand and use the areas of the application outlined below.

Recommended pre-requisites: You should have a basic understanding of how to use a PC, open, close and save files and have some experience of using a computer for email and internet.

This course will be delivered using Windows PCs and is suitable for SHOs in all surgical specialties and emergency medicine doctors.

Faculty: Mr Noel Manning, IT Training and Development, Technical Writing (Software)

Learning objectives

  • Getting started in MS Excel
  • The Excel screen and interface
  • Getting around spreadsheets, worksheets and workbooks
  • Entering and editing data
  • Moving and copying data
  • Calculations
  • Understanding relative and absolute cell referencing
  • Formatting
  • Finishing a workbook