Excel – Data Management


This course has been developed as a follow-on course to the Excel – An Introduction course, with a specific focus on introducing you to the features of the application that are used to build, manage and analyse lists of data (records).

The course will give you a practical experience of using Excel to create good lists, insert tables, filter, sort and sub-total data, control the quality of data entered and understand the potential that Excel has for data analysis.

Recommended pre-requisites: You should ideally have attended the Excel – An Introduction course or have a good understanding of the topics listed on that course outline, along with its pre-requisites.

This course will be delivered using Windows PCs and is suitable for SHOs in all surgical specialties and emergency medicine doctors.

Faculty: Mr Noel Manning, IT Training and Development, Technical Writing (Software)

Learning objectives

  • Building a list
  • Working with Excel tables
  • An introduction to pivot tables
  • An introduction to charts and graphs