Flourishing in the Workplace


This training session aims to introduce participants to the concepts of positive emotions, optimism, meaning and purpose, and growth mindset in a professional and personal environment.

This course will introduce the concept of burnout in the medical profession and mechanisms to avoid burnout. The course will also address using a strengths-based approach to workplace flourishing.

Learning outcomes

  • LO 1 – understand key concepts from positive health related to the prevention of burnout and maintenance of wellbeing (e.g. optimism, meaning and purpose, compassion)
  • LO 2 – learn about practical strategies to increase positive emotions and compassion
  • LO 3 – understand the root causes of burnout on a psychological level
  • LO 4 – describe practical strategies to prevent and mitigate burnout from psychological, physiological and social perspectives.

Suitable for: SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties, emergency medicine doctors.