General PC Skills, Internet and Email


This is a foundation course designed to give you an insight on how to use PCs and/or considering further information technology (IT) or applications training. It will provide you with a basic understanding of computing, the terms and language being used and how to carry out common tasks on a Windows PC.

The morning session will be focused on general computing terms and concepts along with developing and understanding of the PC itself, along with giving you a clear understanding of MS Windows and how to work within the Windows environment managing files and navigating.

The afternoon session will switch the focus of the course to email and the internet. You will be introduced to the language and concepts of the web and how to effectively use browser software to get around the web. The email component of the session will focus primarily on using MS Outlook with a brief comparison and demonstration of other email clients like Gmail.

Recommended pre-requisites: This is an introductory course for beginners to computing and no IT or PC skills are needed.

This course will be delivered using Windows PCs and is suitable for SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties and emergency doctors.

Faculty: Mr Noel Manning, IT Training and Development, Technical Writing (Software)

Learning objectives

  • Terms and concepts
  • Getting started
  • MS Windows
  • Mac OS
  • The Internet
  • Email