Global Surgery


Five billion people around the world cannot access safe, affordable surgery when they need. The discipline of global surgery, which encompasses education, research, practice and advocacy, aims to address this problem and to achieve health equity for all people worldwide who need surgical care.

This course will be delivered by Professor Mark Shrime, O'Brien Chair of Global Surgery; international surgical faculty; and faculty from the RCSI Institute of Global Surgery.

On this course, you will analyse the global context in which surgery is currently practiced (including the challenges of providing adequate surgical healthcare in developing countries), the economics of surgery, the opportunities for ministry-level responses to the global surgery crisis, and the ethics of global surgery and the management of humanitarian crises. 

This course is run over two days:

  • Part A: Friday, 13 January 2023
  • Part B: Friday, 20 January 2023

Lead facilitator: Prof. Mark Shrime, O’Brien Chair of Global Surgery, RCSI Institute of Global Surgery

Learning outcomes

  • Define what global surgery is and understand the scope of the global surgery crisis
  • Understand the components of a holistic response to the problem of access to surgery in resource-constrained settings
  • Understand the research, metrics, ethics and economics of the global surgery crisis

Suitable for: Anyone wanting to be better informed about the current landscape of surgery in an era of increased globalisation. It is also highly relevant for anyone who has an interest in working in the developing world.

Design and delivery

Day 1: 13 January 2023

  • What is 'global surgery'?
  • The surgical patient experience worldwide
  • The surgical care workforce
  • Global surgery metrics
  • Responding to the global surgical care crisis

Day 2: 20 January 2023

  • The economics of global surgery
  • Geographical priorities and national plans
  • Training the low- and middle-income country surgical workforce
  • Research and data collection in global surgery
  • Global surgery ethics
  • Where do we go from here?