Head and Neck Trauma Management


The management of patients with significant injuries to the face and neck secondary to trauma can be quite challenging, especially in peripheral hospitals.

This is a multidisciplinary course facilitated by experienced consultants in ENT, MAX fax, and neurosurgery. Participants will learn how to manage the airway in challenging difficult airway scenarios. Options and priorities will be discussed in the management of combined head and neck trauma.

Participants will also practise skills such as emergency cricothyroidotomy, placement of burr holes, and closure of facial lacerations on simulated models.

Learning outcomes

  • A better understanding of the emergency management of head and neck trauma patients
  • Better knowledge of the transfer criteria for referral of head and neck trauma patients
  • More confidence in establishing a difficult airway
  • The skills to treat head and neck trauma patients with a more interdisciplinary approach and mindset.

In this practical course we will use a combination of synthetic and animal tissue (porcine/ovine).

Suitable for: General surgeons all levels, SHOs in ENT, neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery.