Healthcare Quality Improvement Certificate


Suitable for: NCHDs, clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, healthcare managers and anyone involved in change management/continuous improvement

In RCSI, we understand the growing importance of building a quality and process improvement capability for today's healthcare organisations.

We also understand the importance of this capability becoming a core organisational competence with strong clinical leadership, as opposed to a dependency over time on external 'experts'.

We believe in the power and creativity of multidisciplinary healthcare teams working together to develop better healthcare delivery systems. Our experienced faculty brings a wealth of clinical and process engineering experience to support you and your teams on your improvement journey.

This three-day programme provides a high-level overview of how multidisciplinary teams in a healthcare setting can deliver quantifiable and sustained improvement in their service delivery. Our programmes focus on developing robust processes, enabling better patient flow while supporting the clinical team's effectiveness.

Learning outcomes

Day 1: Leading for Quality Improvement in Health Services (two workshops) – Wednesday, 31 January 2024

Providing you with an understanding of leadership and its application in maximising a quality and safety culture in your healthcare setting.

Day 2: Quality & Process Improvement Roadmap (two workshops) – Tuesday, 7 March 2024

Introducing you to the principles, tools and skillsets of improvement science and to develop your understanding of how such processes are used to ensure effective, efficient and safe healthcare in complex interdependent systems.

Day 3: Monitoring & Sustaining High Performance (two workshops) – Thursday, 18 April 2024

Introducing you to the key success factors required for sustaining high performance while building a culture of continuous improvement.