How to Professionally Manage Harassment and Bullying


Suitable for: SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties; emergency medicine doctors

This course explores the complex nature of workplace bullying and harassment and the adverse affect it has on the quality of patient/client care by undermining employee morale, resulting in absenteeism, stress-related illnesses and higher turnover of staff. The course will help you to develop an understanding of the devastating effect bullying and harassment can have on employees' health, confidence, morale and performance of those subjected to it, both directly and indirectly.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of bullying and the different forms of harassment
  • In-depth knowledge of the differences between bullying and workplace 'banter', and harassment by non-employees
  • Awareness of the legislation in relation to bullying, responsibilities under the policy and procedures for dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment
  • In-depth knowledge of the responsibilities of the employer, employees, managers and supervisors, as well as union officials
  • Experience of dealing with a bullying and harassment complaint through role-play scenarios as a manager, employee and union official