How to Professionally Manage Harassment and Bullying


This course will explore the complex nature of workplace bullying and harassment and the adversely affect this has on the quality of patient/client care by undermining employee morale and can result in absenteeism, stress-related illnesses and higher turnover of staff. 

The course will also help to develop an understanding of how bullying and harassment can have a devastating effect on the health, confidence, morale and performance of those subjected to it. This may also also have a damaging impact on employees not directly subjected to inappropriate behaviour, but who witness it or have knowledge of it and experience it from non-employees.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the difference between is bullying and the different forms of harassment.
  • Demonstrate workplace bullying and what bullying is not classified as bullying.
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the different between bullying and friendly workplace conversation and harassment by non-employees.
  • Develop a understanding of the legislation in relation to bullying and the roles of responsibilities under the policy and the procedures for dealing with allegations of bullying and harassment.
  • Provide an in-depth knowledge of the employer’s, employees’, managers’ and supervisors’ responsibilities and the role of the union officials and their responsibilities.
  • Have the opportunity through role-play scanarios to deal with a bullying and harassment complaint as a manager, employee and union official.

Suitable for: SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties; emergency medicine doctors