Intermediate General Surgery


This is a gastrointestinal skills course that concentrates on the operative management of open inguinal hernias, bowel anastomosis and bowel diversion surgery.

During the course, you will learn procedures using low and high-fidelity models in our wet lab facility with the constructive feedback of experienced consultants in General and colorectal surgery.

Learning outcomes

  • Improved decision making in bowel closure methods or diversion.
  • Practice in the principles of bowel tissue handling and suturing.
  • Understanding and practice of the creation of an end ileostomy.
  • Practice the creation of a loop ileostomy.
  • Practice the creation of a colostomy.
  • Knowledge of the up-to-date principles in hernia repair.
  • Confidence in performing an open inguinal hernia repair.

Suitable for: SHOs and early registrars in general surgery and colorectal surgery.