Lean Healthcare – White Belt


Suitable for: Healthcare professionals, quality officers and senior/middle managers involved in improving performance and patient outcomes

This half-day training programme is designed to deliver a comprehensive introduction to Lean Six Sigma and the key elements needed to successfully implement Lean as part of a wider transformational change programme or a standalone project within a healthcare environment.

The programme helps to educate and involve healthcare employees in their organisations' efforts to improve process efficiencies and eliminate waste. It is an excellent way to train large numbers of clinical and non-clinical staff as part of a change management or awareness initiative for Lean implementation.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Lean Healthcare
  • Lean and the patient
  • Lean thinking and principles
  • Why healthcare organisations typically implement Lean
  • What is waste within a healthcare environment?
  • Benefits of a 6S programme

Relevant case studies and scenarios are provided throughout to provide a context for the topics covered. Participants also undertake a Lean Healthcare game to gain a greater understanding of the principles underpinning the Lean philosophy.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the evolution and guiding principles of Lean Healthcare
  • Identify the role of Lean in the healthcare workplace
  • Identify the role of Lean in improving the patient care pathway
  • Appreciate the collaborative and team elements of successful Lean outcomes in a clinical environment
  • Understand the link between Lean, your patients and patient value
  • Understand how to identify the seven Lean 'wastes' within healthcare
  • Identify the next steps required to make things happen