Lower Limb Trauma and Reconstruction


Suitable for: Registrars in orthopaedic, plastic and trauma surgery

There is increasing evidence that early collaboration between plastic and orthopaedic teams, for patients with lower limb trauma, has resulted in outcomes that are more favourable for the patient. This course aims to classify and describe significant lower limb injuries in the trauma setting and the decision-making that goes around their initial treatment. Discussions that usually happen in the early stages with orthopaedic and plastic surgeons, on fracture exploration and fixation with sensitivity to local skin flap preservation, will be defined. Finally, reconstructive options for bony and soft tissue defects will be demonstrated.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of the mechanism and resulting injuries that occur in lower limb trauma
  • Insights into the decision making for lower limb trauma treatment
  • Understanding of the reconstructive planning and local and free flap options in reconstruction of lower limb defects