Management of the ICU Patient for Surgeons


The support of surgical patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) by dedicated intensive care doctors is vital for critical cases. Understanding the support and treatment measures is important for effective communication and sharing patient management.

This course is designed by intensive care doctors for surgeons and will look at patient monitoring, diagnostic decisions and treatment options for surgical patients in ICU.

The faculty will discuss pertinent subjects such as post-operative management of cardio-respiratory failure, renal function, and sepsis. These principles will be demonstrated in interactive scenarios typical of the ICU setting.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased knowledge to communicate more efficiently with ICU doctors on the management of a surgical case
  • An understanding of the basics of Haemodynamic monitoring
  • An appreciation of the use of mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory failure
  • A better understanding of arterial blood gas analysis
  • A knowledge of the signs of sepsis and septic shock
  • An understanding of the theory behind the treatment of oliguria and acute renal failure
  • Insight into the metabolic and electrolyte changes that occur in the trauma patient.

Suitable for: SHOs and registrars in all surgical specialties