Medical Leadership in Practice Certificate


Suitable for: NCHDs, surgeons, consultants, clinical directors, academic medical faculty

The dynamic nature of healthcare and the ongoing development of healthcare systems highlight the importance of medical doctors as leaders who can embody a wide range of leadership competencies and capabilities.

Increasingly medical leaders must talk convincingly about the whole organisation while retaining their unique clinical focus and emphasis on the human experience. To be an effective leader doctors must focus on their personal leadership practice, develop high performing teams and influence change and improve performance at the organisational and system level. 

This three-day programme will be delivered in partnership with the RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management, Ireland's only third level institution dedicated exclusively to developing the leadership, management and educational capacity of doctors, surgeons and health professionals.  

The programme is aligned to current national and international medical leadership competency frameworks including the NHS Medical Leadership Competency Framework (2010); CanMEDS Canadian Physician competency framework (2015); and the Irish Medical Council (IMC) Professional Competency reaching for improvement (2011).

Design and delivery

This is a digitally-enhanced programme designed to be highly interactive and engaging. The three modules are delivered over six workshops each consisting of asynchronous and synchronous delivery to provide maximum flexibility for the learner.

Participants will receive pre-workshop materials at least 10 days in advance of the ‘live workshop’. It is essential that all pre-workshop preparation is fully completed beforehand as this will be the starting point for the discussions in the ‘live session’. Participants will receive detailed information on how to access the learning platforms and a practice session will be held in advance of the programme to ensure that each participant has connectivity and the appropriate equipment for the workshops. Digital support will be provided through the programme.

Day 1: Developing my Medical Leadership Practice (two workshops) – Thursday, 16 November and Thursday, 30 November 2023

Providing you with the knowledge and skills to develop yourself and plan your career pathway effectively, understand the importance of self-awareness in your leadership practice and to be an effective coach and mentor.

Day 2: Leading Teams and Influencing Others (two workshops) – Thursday, 14 November 2023 and Friday, 5 January 2024

Providing you with the knowledge, skills and attitude to be an effective member of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, negotiate effectively, manage and resolve conflict effectively and understand the importance of emotional intelligence when engaging with others.

Day 3: Leading Change and Performance (two workshops) – Friday, 19 January and Friday, 2 February 2024

Providing you with the skills, knowledge and understanding of best practice approaches to managing change and performance, and to understanding how to adapt your leadership style in different situations and contexts.