Neuro-oncology: Recent Advances in the Management of Brain and Spinal Tumours


This is our first CPD-SS course in neurosurgery and is facilitated by experts in neurosurgery, neuropathologists and neuroradiologists. This course looks at the recent advances in the management of both primary and metastatic tumours to the brain and spine.

The course aims to help understand the management of patients with primary and metastatic brain and spine tumours, and to highlight the diagnosis and classification of brain and spinal tumours using modern imaging and histopathology techniques. It will look at recent advances in neuro-oncological surgical treatments and mapping techniques.

The course will cover topics such as neuropathology, neuroradiology, brain tumours and spine tumours. Although this course is primarily designed for surgeons training in neurosurgery, it should be of interest to any surgeons treating cancers and their metastasis.

Lead facilitator: Mr David O’Brien

Learning objectives

  • An increased knowledge of the basic principles of adult neuro-oncology.
  • A clear understanding of tumour classification.
  • A greater ability to read the latest in neuroradiological imaging.
  • A greater understanding of the principles of treatment of brain and spinal tumours.