Paediatric Emergencies


A three-year-old child is carried into the Emergency Dept by his mother, unresponsive. He had been playing in their back garden when he suddenly collapsed and seizure-like activity is noted. He has no previous medical history, and has been well up until today. He was delivered at full-term as a natural delivery and has received all his vaccinations. The triage nurse rushes him to the resuscitation room with you as he is not breathing and has no pulse… How do you proceed?

This one day practical course allows you to enhance your skills in the initial management of the critically unwell or severely injured child. You will have the opportunity to revise the principles of the early management and stabilisation of children with life-threatening emergencies.

The course is delivered by paediatric emergency medicine specialists. Topics covered include:

  • Basic and advanced paediatric life support algorithms
  • Recognising the sick child
  • Basic airway management in a child
  • Updated guidelines in paediatric trauma management
  • Burns in children
  • Spinal trauma management
  • Intraosseous access
  • Paediatric fractures and non accidental injury

Suitable for: SHOs and registrars working, or planning to work, in a paediatric environment

Learning outcomes

  • To develop knowledge and awareness on updates in primary and secondary surveys in children
  • To practice and improve on emergency airway, ventilation and circulation skills in children
  • To review a systematic approach to the sick febrile child
  • To review and practice basic trauma skills in children
  • To review the variety of paediatric injuries and recognising flags for non-accidental injury